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  • Indepth Channeled Messages and Channeled Readings on each month ahead and more!
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  • Monthly Channeled Guided Meditations
  • Access to all Channeled Guided Exercises otherwise available for sale
  • Full Access To A Continually Growing Library of All of The Above!
  • Access to past Membership Content including Channeled Timeless Readings and Other Content
  • Exclusive evergreen member discounts on classes and one on one channeled/intuitive readings me. (20%)
  • Member exclusive discounts on MP3s, MP3 bundles, courses, and most all other offerings

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I was LITERALLY just telling a friend last night that I will never cancel my membership and that it is the best value that I can get for the money! And I have actually been revisiting the red package this week, it is absolutely fantastic and I truly hope/look forward to more packages in the future, and I will be purchasing every single one of them. I do NOT have a lot of expendable income (like most of us currently) but the intrinsic value of both the red package and the gold membership have been absolute life savers for me, and so well worth it. Getting access to the full library for only $20 per month is honestly a steal, and I cannot recommend it enough. Your content has made a huge impact on me and my life for the positive, and I am very grateful.

Andie M.