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Enhance Your Gifts Channeled Guided Meditation

Receive a potent energetic transmission that Brandon's Spirit Team described as being something akin to an attunement intended to open your gifts for the highest good as you listen to this channeled meditation!

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What you'll get:

  • The Enhance Your Gifts Channeled Guided Meditation (MP3) (Audio Runtime 24 minutes, 36 seconds) 


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This channeled guided meditation is meant to enhance, open, and expand your gifts, intuition, psychic abilities, spiritual gifts and abilities, your connection to Source, channeling, etc. and bring them to the highest and best for them to be brought to right now, only for the highest good. 

This one does have a strong energy to it, so make sure you're in a place where you can settle in a little bit afterwards and meditate, journal, or integrate afterwards. (You don't have to follow that to the letter, you can do anything else you're called to do, of course, if you are Divinely or Intuitively guided. This one is about the energies, and about receiving what it can do for you. As long as you show up and do your best with this one, you'll be fine!

No pressure on this one. Just let it flow, and let things show up as they will. You don't need to force anything with this one. The effects are not just going to be short term, and you may feel this one working for a while, not that it will distract you from your daily life too much or anything. Unless you are called otherwise, it might be helpful to give things a chance to breath after your first listen for at least a day, or maybe longer depending on what feels light and right to you, before you listen again, just to let things digest! Some may find they need a month after listening before listening again, though each will be different and there's no wrong path, per se. 

You may find that this is like an attunement. 

May this channeled guided meditation help you and do whatever would be for the highest good for it to do for you!