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Allowing Peace | Channeled Guided Meditation

This channeled guided meditation is meant to, for the highest good, open you to peace, bring you to peace, and bring you to allowing and receiving peace, that and better! It is also meant to bring peace into your future!

This one has a strong, palpable peace energy when you listen to it. The energetic transmission with this one (as all channeled material like this has an energetic transmission with it that only works for the highest good), will alone do work in addition to the exercises that came through to bring in peace, that and more! I'm really excited to see what this creates!

"This channeled guided meditation is meant to carve space for peace, create peace from Source, and get you to a place where you can receive it, and be ok with receiving it. This is meant to open you, fully for the highest good, to the energy field of peace which permeates everything, as it stems from Source through everything. 
...the other frequencies you need in order to have peace, in order for space to be there, in order for you to have peace, are also being cultivated for you through this channeled guided meditation from Source, fully for the highest good."

If you're looking to invite in more peace, this channeled audio is one way to do it!

Of course, trust your own intuition on when to listen to this if you purchase it! However, one idea is to listen to it everyday for a certain amount of time, for example, 21 days to a month, to see what peace begins to be created for you and your world! (And of course, you can go for longer!)

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What you'll get:

  • Allowing Peace Channeled Guided Meditation (MP3)
    (audio runtime is 22 minutes, 40 seconds)

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