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The Orange Package! 3 Channeled MP3s to Heal Your Sacral Chakra and All Correlating Areas of Life

Take a deep dive into healing, balancing, aligning, and transforming your sacral chakra for the highest good, and do the same for all correlating areas of life! Receive the potent channeled transmissions found with these MP3s and see what shifts for you!

What you'll get:

  • 1 Direct Channeling Session/Full Channel Mode Session

    Heal Your Sacral Chakra, and all Correlating Areas of Life (Runtime: 59 minutes, 59 seconds)

  • 1 Channeled Guided Meditation

    Heal and Balance Your Sacral Chakra, and Balance Your Life (Runtime: 34 minutes, 44 seconds)

  • 1 Channeled Audio Energyhealing Session (This is like a Reiki or Energyhealing session in an MP3)

    Heal and Balance Your Sacral Chakra, and Heal and Balance Your Life (Runtime 31:45)

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[Topics like sex and sexuality are addressed in these MP3s. If you are under the age of 18, please ensure you have parental permission before purchasing these MP3s]

What People Who Bought Brandon's Previous Release, The Red Package, Are Saying:

I am so glad to have connected with Brandon. I first purchased the red package in April of 2023, when I had just relocated to a new home. I was starting to feel more secure in my life, but wanted to build on this new foundation - and that's what I feel the Red Package has helped me do! Each MP3 (and there are 3) is packed full of value and energetic transmissions on its own. I expected to just be able to listen to them all in one sitting on a quiet day of the week, but each one took me some time to process - in the best sense. I recently revisited each one and it has now been 5 months since I first listened. It was fascinating to see what has changed and developed both in my physical reality and energetically. Firstly, my home is great and has become a peaceful sanctuary for me. I gained a new stream of income in the month that followed my first listening which I had been fighting for for some time. This brought with it more freedom and ease into my life. I've also been exploring a potential romantic partnership, again, this started within a month of my first listen. Compared to dating in the past, I am more trusting and more open, and I'm experiencing fewer hang-ups, anxiety, and attachment issues than I previously identified with. I am more comfortable allowing things to play out as they will for everyone's highest good. It has been so lovely to have this perspective after living a life in survival mode for so many years! Thank you, Brandon and the channeled spirit team. I will be purchasing the next package if and when Brandon should be guided to release one.

Jessica J.