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Create The Highest and Best Day for You Channeled Guided Exercise

Give yourself an amazing way to start the day and elevate the quality of your days with this channeled guided exercise, that or better!

What you'll get:

  • Create The Highest and Best Day for You Channeled Guided Exercise MP3

This is a channeled guided exercise designed to help you create the highest and best day for you each day and improve the quality of your days over time, that or better!

While it doesn't necessarily guarantee you have the best day ever every day, though we would wish that for you, it is meant to improve the quality of your days, and give you a great way to start your day and create your day being the highest and best it can be! At the same time, we wish not to limit it. 

This channeled exercise not only runs you through exercises and tools you can work with on your own outside of listening to this MP3, but also, like all channeled content here, contains an energetic transmission from Source and The Angels that goes along with the channeled message to help and support you in whatever ways would be for your highest good each time you listen, so you are getting more than just the words when you listen!

 We are wishing you the best for you regarding this mp3!

[ Audio Runtime is 20 minutes and 48 seconds ]

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