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Valeyu-Mí Classes

Valeyu-Mí is a modality I have received from Source and The Angels that consists of a myriad of symbols and energies that have been channeled through to be worked with for the highest good. It is more potent than Reiki and is often described as being gentle yet packing a great punch! The energies are often described as potent, very light filled, pure, effective, and many other things!

The modality and energies are infinitely intelligent, infinitely wise, and come straight from Source. Everything about it only works for the highest good. This modality may not be for everyone as the energies can be rather potent. Each class will consist of a set of symbols, ways to work with symbols, ways to carry out various forms of energywork and energy healing with this modality, among other things that are channeled through to be taught. 

The Core Class, which is the first class for this modality consists of 12 or more symbols and will go over the foundation and basics of the modality and ways to work with the energies and symbols, that you will be able to run with and create your own methods of working with this modality that work best for you as you get more experienced. 

The next class will consist of at least ten more symbols and methods with which to facilitate distance energywork and energy healing with this modality, among other things. There will be at least 4 other classes after that before teacher training commences! The classes and structure for how the modality is taught are still being formed following this next class, however, the data will be updated as the classes are formed and taught and as I am guided!

If you are interested in learning this modality, and you do not see a class scheduled, please email me or send a contact form letting me know you are interested in learning this modality and I will get back to you when I have enough interested people and form a class! (Scheduler will be located towards the bottom of this page, and can also be found on the classes and home areas of this website!)

Prerequisites! There are no prerequisites for The Core Class, however, it may be helpful for you if you have energywork experience, or if you have taken The Four Angelic Fires Class, or a Reiki Master Class.

Classes will consist of attunements for each class, learning the symbols and different ways to work with them, how to facilitate energywork sessions with the Valeyu-Mí symbols, or work with the specific symbols and themes in each class etc., and whatever else I am guided to include!

If you are interested in experiencing this modality first, you can put on the Valeyu-Mí energywork session in the video below and experience the energies! You can also sit with the symbol at the top of this page and see what you feel and pick up on! It is only for the highest good. 


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