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The Let's Go Higher Membership is a place to go for consistent, high vibrational, healing, transformative, elevating (and more!) channeled messages and channeled content that will bring a positive impact to you and your life. Get consistent access to my work and upshift your frequency and life with membership exclusive monthly channeled content, as well as access to a whole growing library of channeled material from Source and The Angels.

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Would you like a sample of what you'll find as part of the Let's Go Higher Membership? Here's an entire full channel mode session you can find in the membership! You get a new one every month when you sign up, as well as access to all previous membership full channel mode sessions! And that's on top of the other content you receive each month! Pay attention to the energetic transmission of the channeling session as well, if you choose to listen to it! You can find more info on channeling, as well as all that the membership includes, below! (Video runtime: 1 hour, 1 minute, 59 seconds)


Channeled Content Can Upshift, Heal, and Transform You and Your Life, Open Your Own Intuition and Channeling, and More!

Channeling not only brings through helpful information, guidance, advice, etc. from The Divine, but also entails a very high vibrational energetic transmission from Source that only works for the highest good. This energetic transmission can bring healing, upgrading, transformation, shifts and changes for the highest good in you and your life, and more for the highest good. This can be topic specific or even go beyond the topic being channeled about. Watching, listening to, etc. channeled content can also open up your own intuition and 3rd Eye, and even your own Divine Guidance and channeling due to the frequency and channeled energetic transmission.

Here's What People Are Saying!

"I was LITERALLY just telling a friend last night that I will never cancel my membership and that it is the best value that I can get for the money! And I have actually been revisiting the red package this week, it is absolutely fantastic and I truly hope/look forward to more packages in the future, and I will be purchasing every single one of them. I do NOT have a lot of expendable income (like most of us currently) but the intrinsic value of both the red package and the gold membership have been absolute life savers for me, and so well worth it. Getting access to the full library for only $20 per month is honestly a steal, and I cannot recommend it enough. Your content has made a huge impact on me and my life for the positive, and I am very grateful." Andie M.

There are three levels to the Lets Go Higher Membership

You can join the gold, silver, or support level! The Gold level is the premium level (and the most popular choice), with full access to everything the membership has to offer.

The Gold Level Includes!

  • A Long Form Direct Channeling Session Every Month, (45 minutes to 60+ minutes)
  • Deep Dive Channeled Reading with Channeled Messages on Each Month Ahead (typically around an hour long)
  • An Exclusive Channeled Guided Meditation Every month
  • Free Access to some of the less expensive channeled MP3s available in the store, now and future, and gigantic discounts on items like The Red Package
  • Full Access to the growing library of present and past membership content, most of it timeless channeled material that can benefit you at any time! (This includes tens of hours of content)
  • Access to the member's forum
  • Huge Gold Level Exclusive Discounts on classes and most other offerings

The Silver is an economical choice that still has some main aspects, but is there for those who can't afford the Gold. It doesn't include the channeled guided meditations and has less in the library than the gold level. The Silver Level also doesn't get free access to the less expensive channeled MP3s found in the store, and gets smaller discounts in general than the Gold Level provides on other offerings. 

The Support level is comparable to a support tier on Patreon. It grants access to the forum and is more there for people who would like to support my work!

Ready to Go Higher?

I am confident that this channeled material, and what the membership brings, will elevate you, bring healing, transformation, and positive shifts and changes to you and your world, and will otherwise have a positive impact on your life. 

I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience if you join!

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Gold Level Membership


Most Popular

  • Exclusive Deep Dive Channeled Reading and Full Channel Mode Message on Each Month Ahead
  • Exclusive Monthly Live featuring Channeled Timeless Readings, Q and (Channeled) A, and More Channeling!
  • A membership exclusive long form Direct Channeling Session every month (40 to 60+ minutes)
  • An exclusive Channeled Guided Meditation every month¬†
  • Huge Membership Exclusive Discounts on Classes and Other Offerings (Some less expensive MP3's become completely free in the Member's Area)
  • Access to the members forum where I sometimes post additional channeled messages
  • Access to a growing library of channeled content, including current offerings and past membership perks (such as exclusive channeled audio energyhealing sessions and 37 channeled timeless pick a readings!)

Silver Level Membership



  • Exclusive Deep Dive Channeled Reading and Full Channel Mode Message on Each Month Ahead
  • A membership exclusive long form Direct Channeling Session every month (40 to 60+ minutes)
  • Not quite as huge Membership Exclusive Discounts on Classes and Other Offerings
  • Access to the member's forum where I post additional channeled messages
  • Access to a growing library of channeled content found in the Silver Level Membership, including current and past membership perks and channeled content






Support Level Membership


Top features

  • Comparable to the support level of a Patreon Membership, this is more there for if you feel called to support my work!
  • Access to the Member's Forum














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