Brandon H. Bloom

Channeler, Intuitive, Energywork Teacher

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Start your day out in a high vibrational way and begin to create better! Create The Highest and Best Day for You is a Channeled Guided Exercise - an approximately 20 minute channeled audio that you can listen to and follow along with to begin creating better days for yourself!

Akin to a channeled guided meditation, receive from the exercises you are lead through, as well as the energetic transmission found in channeled content to begin upshifting your days!

If you are called to this channeled guided exercise, may it do all that's highest and best for it to do for you!

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*1 on 1 readings are no longer available, at least for right now. I so appreciate all of you and the amazing people I've been able to facilitate readings for, however, I need to focus on other aspects of my business and growing in different ways. We will see about 1 on 1 readings in the future. For now, I really wish the best for you and hope you will check out my other offerings if you feel called to them, including The Let's Go Higher Membership, Channeled MP3s such as in The Red Package, and Channeling and Energyhealing classes such as the Intro to Channeling Class and Four Angelic Fires/Source Fires classes!

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I was first introduced to Brandon's readings via Instagram and was instantly drawn to his grounding, playful, and generous soul. I booked a reading during a very confusing transition in life for affirmation of trajectory or any extra guidance, and almost instantly began receiving his Medicine and energetic upgrades as I submitted my payment. I could not help but smile throughout the Session - Brandon's way of channeling is beautiful, light, and transparent. I enjoyed how it gave me a glimpse of his language and relationship with his Guides, and the words spoken to me were so deeply resonant that I felt them ring true on multiple dimensions. If you are seeking a motivational boost, high frequency support, and anchoring guidance - I highly recommend booking a reading with Brandon.

Erica J.

Let's see what would be for the highest good!

Channeled MP3s

Channeled Messages, Channeling Sessions, Channeled Guided Meditations, and any other channeled content all have potent energetic transmissions that can be of service to you in a number of ways, all for the highest good!

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Uplevel your practice and your life and bring more healedness to yourself and the world with an energywork class! Learn Reiki, Valeyu-Mí, or take other classes, fully for the highest good!

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Learn to speak with your Spirit Guides!

Spirit Guides, Angels, and Speaking With Source
A channeled book on channeling and speaking with your spirit guides.


If you are interested in learning to channel or speak with your Spirit Guides, The Angels, and God, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Speaking With Source is a book I channeled on the topic and launched in 2020. Some of the important aspects are the channeled transmissions and energetic downloads that reading the book or having it in your sphere brings you that bring you to a state of channeling and open you to channel, like an attunement to channeling. Everything about it is fully for the highest good! You can find the book through the button below, or by clicking on the image!

Here is brief description of the book.

Are you ready to talk to your spirit guides? To God?

In this book, Channeller/intuitive, Reiki Master, and founder of the healing modality Valeyu-Mí, Brandon H. Bloom, channels his guides, The Angelic Collective of Xorbítal, to deliver this guidance for those seeking to work with their own Spirit Guides, guidance systems, and gifts, and jump off from that point in whatever ways and directions would be highest and best for them.

Encountering these channelled chapters not only provides a reader with detailed information that may be helpful for them along their path, it also facilitates energetic downloads, attunements, and upgrades, from SOURCE, which allows them to more readily and easily hear from their highest guidance, channel angels, Source, and/or their guides, and more, all for the highest good, should it be in the highest good, making this more than just a book.

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