Hey! I'm Brandon

I'm not always a big titles person, however, I love channeling and channel (My Spirit Guides, The Angels, and Source! More on my channeling and spirit guides later), I'm an intuitive, I love energywork and I received and founded the energywork modality Valeyu-Mí. I also teach Reiki and am certified as a Reiki Master Teacher. I currently teach both modalities!


More About Me

I love channeling, spirituality, and all things energywork, and I'm passionate about all of it. It's become a great focus of mine and a big part of my life's purpose. I'm also passionate about helping people with what I can do and facilitate with channeling, energywork, etc. I've found that these can be entirely life changing for the highest good, and I'm passionate about how these can change people's lives for the highest good. They have been beyond enormous gifts in my life, and I am excited to work with my gifts for the highest good of others, and of all.

I always do my best to come from the highest and places for me to come from, follow my Divine Guidance in every moment, and do the highest and best work I can do or facilitate that I am guided to do or facilitate. I also do my best to facilitate bringing about the highest and best results that I possibly can, and that I am guided to, all fully for the highest good. May you receive what's for the highest good, and what's highest and best for you to receive from my work, from any content on social media I put out, from any classes or readings you book with me, from any products or free content you buy or receive from me, and/or from any other method of working with me or encountering my work that occurs for you.

May the Highest and Best Transpire!

Brandon H. Bloom


To get more of a sense of my work, you can check me out on tiktok or my other social media!

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