Ingesting The Light And Becoming The Light, A Channeled Exercise and Message

Jul 21, 2022

Ingesting Light



This is a channeled message and exercise that I received this morning, and that my guides were insistent I channel through and post. This blog is new, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes through for it! Right now, I'm getting this will focus on helpful tips, channeled messages, energy healing and energywork exercises, and other information that will be fully for the highest good of you, the readers, and anyone else who encounters it! Without further ado, here is a channeled message on the light and embodying the light from The Angelic Collective of Xorbítal, the name my spirit guides gave me back in 2019. May this be helpful and reach you at the right time!


Enter The Angelic Collective of Xorbítal

It’s time to open to the light. There is more light coming to Earth than ever before, and we recommend a short regimen to open to and ingest the light that is coming to earth. Whether it is a short time channeling each day, a short time in meditation with the intention to open to the light, or any sort of intention to embody the light, it is time for an upgrade to humanity. So much of the darkness you are encountering as a people is false and does not need to exist. The more you are allowing the light into your life the less you will be seeing the darkness. It, the darkness, simply will not exist so much, if at all. Eventually it will leave the planet. This planet is destined for The Light, and you do not need to worry about that battle at all. The battle is won. There was no battle. So we leave you with this short exercise to embody more light and to dispel darkness so that you can live your life free from being bothered by anything that is hindering you from being the light you are. 


  1. Take a second to get into a meditative state. Set the intention to connect with your soul, with Source, with your angels, your Spirit Team, (whatever is highest and best and works for you), and ask them to bring you to a receptive state to the light.
  2. Breath in, and as you breath in, state to yourself, aloud or to yourself, “I breath in the highest light.” 
  3. On the exhale, state aloud or to yourself, “I am The True Highest Light.” Let the light you breathed in go wherever it needs to in your body, in your energy fields, or in your life even. As you do this, you are embodying your soul, and opening yourself up to the highest vibrations of you. You are becoming the light you are.
  4. Do this for as long as you feel called. You won’t need much more than 10 minutes for most, however, trust your gut and intuition, and/or channeled guidance on what is best for you. Do this exercise until you feel satiated.
  5. Set the intention that your spirit team are around you the rest of the day, fanning the flames of your inner light, and helping you however would be for your highest good.
  6. Ask Source to make you a conduit of the light, and then ask that you go forward in the highest and best ways, being a beacon of the light.


You can wrap up the meditation however you feel called to. 


This meditation, while to some it may seem normal, is actually encoded with high vibrational light energy that will wake up your light body, and bring you to your highest and best self. Do this once a day for 30 days and see what happens. You will draw more light towards yourself, and will find yourself shining in a myriad of ways. 


Do not limit your light, life, nor the impact you can have on the world, on those around you, and trust that truly, anything is possible, you are unlimited, and that the world is actually shifting for the highest good and moving in the highest and best directions. This exercise is meant to shift you to open to the light, and to shift your focus away from the darkness you may see in the world. We are not telling you to ignore what is there, however, we are urging you to create with the light, and to create more light for you and others. This will change the world. 


The levels of light on the planet are shifting quickly, and are becoming grander and greater. Now is a great time to consciously be a conduit of the light. We are excited to see how your life shifts going forward from this meditation as you work with it consistently. 


And know that you do not have to do this exercise. It is simply a recommendation and an added tool to boost your life and the light in your life. 


Go forward and be the light, should you choose and should it feel right to you!

With love,

The Angelic Collective of Xorbítal and Source

P.S. There is so much greater for you, those who will choose the light. Those who are of the light, who are choosing to be of the light, will be much more apt to flourish in the new rules of Earth, is a way we could describe it, than those who refuse to open to it. It is a time of flourishing for the light and those who choose to be of it. Know that great things will come if you are choosing the light. And none of you will be forgotten, those of you who might feel insignificant right now. The Light never forgets, And Source is aware of all of you, and knows what you need. So if you will ask for it, what you need is coming, what is yours is coming. And The Light is here. Open to it! 


We leave you with that.

May the highest and best transpire!



Channeled through by Brandon H. Bloom

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