Owning Your Power | The Channeling Source Podcast Episode 1

channeled messages owning your power podcast Jun 17, 2024

Owning your Power | The Channeling Source Podcast Episode 1

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In this episode, Brandon talks about 5 channeled messages that came through on owning your power, as well as a few ways to move towards owning your power, then facilitates a full channel mode session on the topic as well.

You can find timestamps, info on channeling, info on his spirit guides, as well as links to his website and other social media below.


*Also, here's an extra quote on owning your power from a channeled timeless reading Brandon facilitated during a live session.

"Owning your power can be NOT operating just how people want you to just because it's convenient for them. Owning your power can be making your own choices regardless of what anyone else thinks, does, chooses, judges, or is upset about."

"You didn't come to Earth just to cater to people's feelings. God didn't put you on Earth just to cater to people's feelings."

Of course, consider balancing this concept talked about in the quotes above with highest consciousness and your intuition, empowered kindness, (empowered kindness could be something akin to being kind, yet not being a doormat or someone people can easily take advantage of. They can't take advantage of you because you operate from highest consciousness, awareness, and intuition, and you have firm, healthy boundaries.), and operating from a place that's for the highest good of all as Source would see it (and that includes the highest good of you too, not just everyone else!)


  • 2:19 The Purpose of Owning Your Power (or One of Them!)

  • 2:53 (1.) Hone Your Intuition and Divine Guidance (and Listen to It)

  • 19:14 (2.) Be Willing to Have Abundance (Money) and Enough Power for You
  • 25:56 (3.) Healthy Boundaries

  • 35:05 (4.) Owning Your Value
  • 49:05 (5.) Being (Authentically) Yourself
  • 1:01:44 Full Channel Mode Session on Owning Your Power


About The Angelic Collective of Xorbítal

When asked about a name for them, Brandon's spirit guides replied, "You know we don't have names up here." to which he said, "Yeah, you're right." A few seconds later they gave him a name for them, The Angelic Collective of Xorbítal. In essence, it is a collective of his spirit guides, the angels, and Source. It very strongly features angelic energies and the angels, if you were wondering.


Benefits of Listening to Channeled Material

•The messages themselves

•An energetic transmission from Source that works only for the highest good. This can move energies, be like a healing session, facilitate upgrades, create shifts and changes for you and your world, etc. and it only works for the highest good.

•Imbibing channeled content can open your own third eye and intuition

•Listening to, watching, or otherwise imbibing channeled content can open your own channeling if you’re meant to channel

•Potentially more! (No need to limit it!)






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